• Custom and Replacement Engine Components
    • Cylinder Heads - Stock Rebuilds or Competition heads with valve sizes optimized for your application and ported to provide maximum power
    • Crankshafts - Stock regrinds or stroker cranks engineered for maximum life and ease of installation
    • Camshafts - Stock regrinds or computer-designed grinds with optimized valve timing events and increased lift
    • Starters - New high torque gear reduction starters (start the largest high-compression engines reliably!)
    • Distributors - Stock rebuild with points or electronic ignition and / or modified to provide ideal advance curve for competition
    • Clutch components - Stock replacement clutches and pressure plates or modified units for high power competition engines
    • New and good used engine bearings
    • New and reproduction seals and gaskets
    • Many other miscellaneous good used engine components available!

  • Stock Replacement and Custom High Flow Competition Carburetors
    • ​Stock rebuilds and modified factory Zenith carburetors tailored to your rules and needs
    • Stock rebuilt and modified high-flow Marvel Schebler replacement carburetors (supports up to 150+ HP)

  • Complete Short and Long Block Assemblies
    • Stock rebuilds to large displacement competition engines tailored to meet your rules and requirements

  • Maintenance and Repair Services for Massey Harris tractors
    • ​Tune-ups, valve adjustments, engine diagnostics, etc
    • Tractor chassis work: brake adjustment / replacement, axle and axle seal replacements, etc

  • Tractor PTO Dyno Tuning Services 
    • ​Unlock hidden power from your tractor!
    • Verify fuel system capability
    • Verify and optimize carburetor performance
    • Verify proper governor operation and adjustment
    • ​Adjust timing for optimal power

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